The Tiger Woods 2003 TBF file format

TBF (Big File) files are simple file archives with no compression. The game stored models, images and other data in these files.

Sections of the TBF file

The TBF file is comprised of three major sections:

  1. Number of packed files
  2. Packed file headers
  3. Raw data stream

The sections in detail

Number of packed files

The first part of the file is simply a 32-bit unsigned integer describing how many packed files are stored in the archive.

Description Size Comments or example
Number of files uint32  

Packed file headers

Next come n file headers, where n is the number of packed files in the archive.

Description Size Comments or example
Filename length uint32 Number of octets in the name of the compressed file
Filename see above Name of the compressed file (NOT null-terminated)
Offset uint32 Offset in the raw data stream where this file begins
Length uint32 Size of this file

Raw data stream

Finally we have the raw data; simply all the n packed files concatenated together.

Description Size Comments or example
Raw data variable For size, see corresponding file header entry


The BigFile.exe program, provided with the game in the Bin directory, can create TBF archives when passed a list of filenames.

My own tools, tbfpack and tbfunpack, can read and write TBF archives.


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